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Tips when using the Yamaha 01V96

While the Yamaha 01V96 behaves a little different compared to the Yamaha LS9 or Yamaha M7CL, AirFader tries to maintain consistency across all consoles. This means AirFader must sometimes work differently than the console even though the end result is the same. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • On the 01V96, Peak/Shelf/LPF/HPF are set using the Q knob. AirFader continues to use dedicated buttons for these while quietly adapting to/from the console. (Changing the Q on the console will set the correct HPF/LPF buttons in AirFader, and AirFader will automatically set the Q when you click those buttons.)
  • On the 01V96, the "ON" button on the control surface always functions as "Channel On/Off", even in Sends on Fader mode. AirFader works like other consoles which means "ON" functions as "Send to Mix On/Off" when in Sends on Fader mode, and "Channel On/Off" when on the HOME layer.
  • The 01V96 doesn't have an HPF separate from the Low EQ, but you can set the Low EQ to Peak, Shelf, or HPF Mode.

  • The 01V96 can't SOLO the Stereo bus.
  • Obviously, the 01V96 can't control HA or Phantom remotely.
  • Pre/Post metering is based on the control surface setting

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Ferramenta muito util para bandas, tambem usamos. [Very useful tool for bands, also.]
Dec 20, 2015
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