What is AirFader?

AirFader is tablet-friendly software designed specifically to control Yamaha digital consoles. It was created over 5 years ago as a Windows touch-screen application before the iPad even existed. Today, AirFader offers the use of Windows, Android, and Apple iPad devices - even all three the same time. AirFader for Windows works either by itself, or as a server which provides extremely fast sync times and extensive permission controls to android and iPad devices. You can use AirFader as an engineer's tool, or build a complete personal monitor mixing system without worrying about accidental changes to the main mix, or someone else's mix.

AirFader provides easy control of nearly all channel-based parameters including Head Amp, Phantom, Parametric EQ, Dynamics, and Mix Sends; plus Graphic EQ and even Output Bus Delay. Free client software for Android and iPad devices lets musicians use their own phones and tablets as Personal Monitor Mixers or even FOH controls by connecting to the Windows version, which takes care of licensing, caching, and access control.


AirFader is available in two versions. The only difference is the number of devices you can connect at once. 

AirFader Standard Logo AirFader Standard Edition
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This version of AirFader for Windows allows you to control every parameter AirFader supports on any supported consoles. In addition, it allows you to connect one android or iPad tablet. It is intended for engineers using AirFader to adjust the EQ or mix from around the room, or adjust monitors from stage.

AirFader Server LogoAirFader Server Edition
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The Server Edition takes the Standard Edition and removes limitations on the number of remote clients. You can connect any combination of Android and iPad devices. It is designed to be the core of a personal monitor mixing system. This gives each musician control of their own mix and works with existing in-ear monitors, wedges, or headphone amps. Since the remote client is free, musicians can even use their own devices without having to buy anything. Users just connect to the network, enter the server information, and go!
>> Vinnie Kelly says:
Works great, easy to use and bag's of functionality. just keeps getting better
Jan 23, 2016
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