AirFader was created for Microsoft Windows in 2010 as the first tablet-friendly software designed specifically for Yamaha digital consoles. It quickly set the standard for range of features and ease of use. An Android-based client came two years later, and today AirFader is the only solution offering the use of Windows, Android, and Apple iPad devices - even all three the same time. While console manufacturers are working to catch up, only AirFader was designed by a live sound engineer specifically to make mixing easier and more productive... not to be eye candy to sell consoles.

AirFader provides mobile control of nearly all channel-based parameters including Head Amp, Phantom, Parametric EQ, Dynamics, and Mix Sends; plus Graphic EQ and even Output Bus Delay. The primary AirFader software runs on any Microsoft Windows® operating system XP or later, and currently supports the Yamaha LS9® and Yamaha M7CL® consoles. Free clients for Android devices and iPads serve as Personal Monitor Mixers or even full FOH controls by connecting to the Windows version, which takes care of licensing, caching, and access control.

AirFader for Windows - Standard Edition allows up to one remote client and is perfect for engineers using AirFader themselves. It can be used either by itself on a Windows-based tablet, or with a single Android device or iPad.

AirFader for Windows - Server Edition allows multiple remote clients at the same time with any combination of Android and iPad devices. It is designed to be the core of a personal monitor mixing system. This gives each musician control of their own mix and works with existing in-ear monitors, wedges, or headphone amps. Since the remote client is free, they can even use their own devices without worrying about licensing! Users just connect to the network, enter their password, and go!

AirFader is being used in 95 countries around the world! (It's big in Brazil, actually.) Sign up for a free 30-day trial and try it for yourself.

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