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Android User Guide

NEW: AirFader LS9 Pro is now available directly from the Google Play Store. It allows direct connection to a Yamaha LS9 console.


AirFader Mobile for Android functions as a "remote control" for the Windows version of AirFader. It allows control of basic mixing functions and can be used either on the Main Mix or any MIX bus, allowing for remote monitor mixing. Access Controls in AirFader Windows version can be used to limit which mixes each user of the Android version is allowed to control. For example, you could provide full access to Phil the FOH engineer, while Guitarist Nich only has access to the front wedge mixes, John the Drummer can only control the drum wedge, and Singer Rachelle can only control her own in-ear mix.

The Windows version is still required and functions as a "server" to handles all the console communication, logic, and access control. This makes the Android app highly efficient: over a local network, movements have almost no visible delay and initial sync takes a fraction of a second. Since the Server always stays in contact with the console, the Android client can freely connect and disconnect with essentially no waiting. The Server Edition also allows multiple connections, so more than one Android client can be used at the same time. For example, each member of a 4-piece band could use their own Android phone as a personal monitor mixer, with the ability to adjust any input to their mix.

The Android app is available - for free - in the Google Play store. Just search "AirFader".


(This guide will be expanded after the new version is released)

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>> Vinnie Kelly says:
Works great, easy to use and bag's of functionality. just keeps getting better
Jan 23, 2016
Which console(s) do you have?