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Which digital consoles are supported?

AirFader works with the Yamaha M7CL, LS9 and 01V96. No other consoles are supported at this time, but the Yamaha QL and CL series are being considered.


The M7CL and LS9 have a Cat5/Ethernet port which can be connected to a WiFi router to provide wireless remote mixing with AirFader.

The 01V96 has a USB port. The console can connect directly to the Windows computer, which then can relay the information to a WiFi network for android/iPad tablets. Some routers even provide a USB port for sharing virtual USB ports, and users have reported success using AirFader this way.


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>> Jory says:
I'm amazed at how little lag there is in the connection process, and I am very pleased with the overall intuitive nature of the android remote.
Apr 13, 2012
Which console(s) do you have?