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Which Windows laptop or tablet should I buy?

This question is very frequently asked. There are many brands offering Windows Tablet PCs. So far, nobody has complained about any of them. AirFader is not a resource-intensive application, so any computer released in the last several years that runs Windows should work fine. But here are a few that

AirFader is primarily tested on a pair of Toshiba Portege m750's. It is probably a bit spendy for AirFader-only use, but works great as an all-purpose laptop for us.

Some users are using an Acer Iconia Tab - Windows version (such as W500 or W700)

If you are a current AirFader user, please let us know what works for you so we can update this FAQ!

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>> David says:
I regularly use AirFader multiple times a week on my Surface Pro 2 / LS9.
Dec 17, 2014
United States
Which console(s) do you have?