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Can I install AirFader on more than one computer?

In order to provide maximum flexibility to mobile users who may not be using the same physical console on a regular basis, AirFader is sold per user. This means any one computer can be used to operate any compatible console. You are also allowed to install AirFader on one backup computer, but it cannot be used by anyone else. Two people cannot use the same license at the same time.

This is better explained by giving examples.


  • A touring engineer wants to have AirFader on her laptop so she can use it with any Yamaha LS9s or M7CLs she encounters on the road. She would need ONE license.

  • A rental house has three LS9 consoles in their inventory. They have one Tablet PC with AirFader that they can send with any of their consoles for corporate events. They would need ONE license.

  • The same rental house has tripled their corporate business thanks to AirFader's wow-factor. They purchase two more Windows Tablet PCs for a total of three, so they can operate all three LS9 consoles at the same time. They would need THREE licenses, one for each Windows Tablet.

  • A wise man has one LS9-32 but two laptops, in case one fails. He can install a backup copy of AirFader on the second laptop but CAN NOT use it to operate a second console at any time.

Note: You can move AirFader, as long as you don't exceed your license count. For example, if you purchase a new laptop and don't want to use the old one anymore, you can remove it from the old computer and install that license key on the new computer.

Running multiple copies of AirFader with the same License Key is illegal. With "niche" software like this, every copy counts! Please help ensure future development by purchasing the correct number of licenses for your situation.

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>> Vinnie Kelly says:
Works great, easy to use and bag's of functionality. just keeps getting better
Jan 23, 2016
Which console(s) do you have?