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How to user permissions work?

The permissions for remote control users (android, iOS) work as follows:

  • Main Mix (FOH)
    • This is basically "engineer" access. This controls access to:
      • All the main channel faders.
      • Outport attenuation and delay (when available).

  • Channel Params
    • This allows you to access all of the per-channel parameters (PEQ, Dynamics, etc.) on Input or STIN channels only. Example:
      • If you have access to Mix 4 but not Channel Params, then you can adjust the levels in Mix 4 but cannot change the PEQ or Dynamics on any channel.
      • If you have access to Mix 4 and Channel Params - but not Main Mix (FOH) - then you can change anything on any channel EXCEPT the fader level!
      • It is probably rare you would grant access to Channel Params without Main Mix (FOH). This simply provides the option to "take away" Channel Params from users who only have access Mix 1-16.

  • Master Faders
    • This allows access to the Mix or Stereo Master faders AND per-channel parameters for Mix/Master channels (PEQ, Dynamics, etc.) but does not change which Mix or Bus they can access. The reason per-channel params are controlled here is so you can grant someone access to change the EQ of their own mix, but not individual channels.
    • Examples:
      • If you only have access to Mix 4 plus Master Faders, you will ONLY see the Master for Mix 4.
      • If you have access to Mix 4 but NOT Master Faders, then you can control individual channel levels but you cannot change the overall level of Mix 4.
      • If you have access to Main Mix (FOH) but NOT Master Faders, you can control the main FOH mix.... but not the house master level!

  • Rack / GEQ
    • As the name suggests, this grants access to any Rack-based tools including Graphic EQ. You cannot choose individual racks, this is all or nothing.

  • Mix 1 - 24 Permissions
    • These options control which of the 16 Mix buses the user has access to. Note that access is further controlled by Channel Params and Master Faders.
    • If the console only supports 8 or 16 Mix buses, the other options are ignored.
  • Matrix 1 - 8 Permissions
    • Similar to Mix permissions, this controls which of the Send-to-Matrix buses the user has access to.
  • Per-Channel Permissions
    • This limits which channels the user can access. It works together with Mix, Matrix, and FOH permissions to decide which faders to show.
    • If a user has FOH access but only "Ch 17-24" channel permissions, then they can control the Main Mix for only those 8 channels.



"My Mix Only"

These are the recommended permissions for most "personal monitor mixer" situations. The user "Drums" can control the level of each channel being sent to Mix 4, only. They can also control Mix 4's Master Level and Parametric EQ. But they cannot control HA, Fader, PAN, PEQ or Dynamics on any input channels, and cannot change any other Mix.


Case Study

Basic Control of Sanctuary Microphones

A church has a praise/worship band as well as a few broadcast-related channels for their Sunday services. For events during the week (weddings, funerals, etc.) they wanted to keep the soundboard locked and provide a tablet with basic control of the podium mics, a wireless mic, and the CD player volume.

This was solved by first grouping the channels by use. The band and other special channels were put into Channels 1-24. The common channels (podium mics, wireless mics, and CD player) were relocated into Channels 25-32.

Then, they created a user called "guest" with ONLY these permissions enabled:

  • Main Mix (FOH) - to enable the user to control the house mix
  • Chan 25-32 - to enable access to the "common" channels

By NOT enabling the following permissions, they restricted access to:

  • Master Faders - they can't change the overall master fader... just individual channels.
  • Channel Params - they can't change headamp levels, PEQ, or dynamics on any channels.
  • Rack/GEQ - they can't change the Graphic EQs.
  • Mix 1-16 - they can't change any monitor mixes, or accidentally enter Sends on Fader mode at all.
  • Chan 1-24 - they will not see these channels at all, like they don't exist.




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