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Do I need a Windows computer to use android/iPad devices?

Not anymore!

AirFader LS9 Pro (for android) allows you to connect directly to a Yamaha LS9 without a Windows computer. However, you are limited to one device at a time.


AirFader Mobile for android and iPad requires a Windows computer running AirFader to "translate" between the mobile device(s) and the console. There are actually several technical reasons - and benefits - for doing it this way:

  1. The console's internal hardware/software can't handle more than one network connection. (After all, it's a mixing console, not an application server.)

  2. An external server allows us to cache all the console's parameters, and use a more efficient network protocol, making the mobile devices sync quickly and run fast.

  3. We can limit what each user can control using usernames and passwords, which the console can't do.

So, while it might take extra hardware, having the Windows computer in the middle makes the system much more powerful and flexible.

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>> Douglas A. says:
Finally an app designed for mixing not selling consoles!
Dec 20, 2015
Which console(s) do you have?