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Can I use the headphone jack on my android/iPad?

As cool as that would be, it is NOT possible to use the headphone jack on your android/iPad for monitoring.

The console does not send digital audio over a network without special output cards... and they are not compatible with mobile devices anyway. Also, while new WiFi routers have enough speed to support a high-quality audio stream, they add too much delay/latency making it impractical to listen to in real-time.

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>> David Ceasar says:
Airfader was the most instrumental addition we made to our sound system. We use Airfader as a full campus tool, using it in our Main Worship Center for IEMs as well as in the Youth Building and Recording Control rooms. We successfully use up to 12 de...
Jan 17, 2016
Litchfield Minnesota
Which console(s) do you have?