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Can I build a Personal Monitor Mixing System with AirFader?

If you are looking for a Pesonal Monitor Mixing System for your church, AirFader is the perfect solution. If you already have monitors and a Yamaha LS9 or M7CL console, all you need is a Microsoft Windows computer, a wireless network, and some android or iPad tablets. You could be running in as little as an hour without running a single cable. If you're starting from scratch, AirFader will scale with you from a single mix up to your console's maximum outputs.


  • Works with floor wedges, headphone amplifiers, in-ear transmitters, or any combination (in stereo and mono mode).
  • Has no channel limits per-station. No need to combine instruments into 8 or 16 sub-groups or matrixes.
  • Gives each station a custom fader layer. Each musician can build a page with just their favorite channels, and easily switch to see all channels.
  • Has simple but flexible permission controls. Limit which mixes, parameters, and even channels that a musician can control.
  • Requires no specialized equipment, cards, protocols or cables. Just tablets and a wireless network.
  • Is licensed per-server. Musicians can bring their own devices and install AirFader client for free.
  • Allows the Front of House or Monitor Engineer to help musicians adjust mixes from the console.


Personal Monitor Mixing System
Cost Comparison for Six Musicians


Sample Shopping List

AirFader System B System C
Wireless Router $120 Distributor $999 Dante Conv/Distributor $999
Windows 8 Laptop (Server) $800 Dante Input Module $899    
AirFader Server Edition $149        
Base Cost $1,069   $1,898   $999
10" Android Tablet $90 Dual Mixer station $524 Mixer Station $399
Headphone Amplifier $25        
Per Musician $115   $262   $399
Total Cost
$1,759 (47% More) $3,470 (55% More) $3,393
(Without laptop and wireless network) $840        

(Above estimates do not include items required by all systems, such as stands, cables, headphones, or the console itself.)


Learn more about AirFader's Features, or Download AirFader and get started! Your 30-day Free Trial includes the complete AirFader Server Edition, so you can completely test your setup and devices before making a purchase.


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>> Jory says:
I'm amazed at how little lag there is in the connection process, and I am very pleased with the overall intuitive nature of the android remote.
Apr 13, 2012
Which console(s) do you have?