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Which Windows laptop or tablet should I buy?

This question is very frequently asked. There are many brands offering Windows Tablet PCs. So far, nobody has complained about any of them. AirFader is not a resource-intensive application, so any computer released in the last several years that runs Windows should work fine. But here are a few that

AirFader is primarily tested on a pair of Toshiba Portege m750's. It is probably a bit spendy for AirFader-only use, but works great as an all-purpose laptop for us.

Some users are using an Acer Iconia Tab - Windows version (such as W500 or W700)

If you are a current AirFader user, please let us know what works for you so we can update this FAQ!

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>> David Ceasar says:
Airfader was the most instrumental addition we made to our sound system. We use Airfader as a full campus tool, using it in our Main Worship Center for IEMs as well as in the Youth Building and Recording Control rooms. We successfully use up to 12 de...
Jan 17, 2016
Litchfield Minnesota
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